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Explore how substances travel in diffusion with the Amoeba Sisters! This video uses a real life example and mentions concentration gradients, passive transport, facilitated diffusion, and explains why diffusion is critical for all organisms. In addition, this video discusses factors that can affect the rate of diffusion.

Time-stamped Table of Contents:
00:00 Intro
0:57 Relating intro event to diffusion
1:45 Diffusion explained
2:57 Molecules still move at equilibrium!
3:33 Diffusion is passive transport
3:45 Facilitated diffusion
4:22 Some factors that can affect rate of diffusion
6:35 Why care about diffusion?

Factual Reference:
OpenStax Biology 2nd Edition, Biology 2e. OpenStax CNX. Aug 19, 2019 http://cnx.org/contents/8d50a0af-948b-4204-a71d-4826cba765b8@15.47.

****Further Reading Suggestions****
-Learn more about the fish disease "Ich?" https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/veterinary-science-and-veterinary-medicine/ichthyophthirius-multifiliis
-We mention that you can read more about how raising the temperature can increase the rate of diffusion. Here's an expanded explanation from Biology Stax. https://cnx.org/contents/jVCgr5SL@15.47:xy5C3n_j@10/5-2-Passive-Transport
-Learn more about diffusion's role in the lungs: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4382809/

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Amoeba Sisters : We often put a time-stamped table of contents in the video description (check out our video description), but we thought we'd pin it here too for convenience :)
0:57 Relating intro event to diffusion
1:45 Diffusion explained
2:57 Molecules still move at equilibrium!
3:33 Diffusion is passive transport
3:45 Facilitated diffusion
4:22 Some factors that can affect rate of diffusion
6:35 Why care about diffusion?
Boopy Boi : pog
Rosie Leaverton : Ohhh. That Ich stuff must've been what affected the fish in that one episode of Spongebob Squarepants! Interesting!
RetroNinja Gaming : Terrible examples tho
U could've said 'coronavirus' as a Diffusion example but NO, parassites =_=
William Nair : who noticed spongebob music in the intro?
Mesrop Panosyan : Omg I used to treat my fish like that . Back then I didn’t know what that is lol
Brian Garber : hi
lenny lenny : its dope
Ketaki : Whenever I am bored I simply watch their videos ON REPEAT !! You guys are a blessing to us ❤️
Mira Christine : Is coloring tablet placed in a cup of vinegar and water that spreads evenly throughout the liquid an example of diffusion or not?

What is Diffusion?

What is Diffusion? Explained using animation and illustration Video.

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Alyssxa : tysm :>
Sam Hayter : Whyyyyyy
Sam Hayter : I hate diffusion
Ahmad Mohammad : what a beautiful explanation
Alois Trancy : were all here because of school
Altrayian 21 : pls?
doddi lalitha doddi lalitha : Who watch this in Corona virus time
Jbbæ L : Could you please add German subtitles ❤️
ALL IN ONE : Please could u say how to make videos like that .please
Aji Resita Salsadila : Thank you for subtitle Indonesia, i'm promise.. i will always watch every video in here.
Sorry my English is so bad .

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