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2019 Apple iMac Review - 6 Months Later

The best features of Apple's 2019 iMac after 6 months of use, how the machine has held up, why we chose it over a MacBook Pro and Windows PC, gaming performance, Bootcamp, and advice on which iMac configuration to get.

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James Feng : Thank you for the interesting review. How do you remove the stand to mount the iMac 27 on an arm? Do you have to order a specific type of iMac? Or just any one from 2019 product line will work?
William Gumm : Where did you get the led behind your mac from?
ikoniqoz : Thank you so much for your excellent review. It has been a bit of an eye opener for me as I am planning on purchasing an iMac. Will give more serious consideration to the big bad 27”version now.
Wil Robertson : Very helpfully thanks
HKA : This is not a review; it is an advertisement.

2019 iMac UNBOXING and REVIEW!

Unboxing setup and review of the new 2019 iMac lineup. We once again see another internal refresh as the design remains the same. Big improvements to the graphics this time around though!

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Ev0lution * : A acer aspire tc is way better
Plushi Gaming : I would get the normal imac.
TVKeepItsimple : mac sucs man
i have a gaming pc and it's amazing af
Ivan M. : Upgrading RAM from 8 to 16 for $200 or up to 32 for just $400 - a piece of very useful advice and a smart move on 27' iMac which already has accessible ram slots. But I would also suggest donating another $400 directly to apple just because apple is so nice.
Abood Planet : nice thnak u . i am going to buy it now

Apple, Please Keep Doing This! – iMac 2019 Review

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Another year, another iMac, but this time we got a pretty big upgrade in CPU horsepower! Can the iMac tame the Core i9, or are we in for an epic burn?

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Electrex : Gigabit Internet is 2005 level speeds? The Raspberry Pi 4 only added Gigabit Ethernet, it was 10/100 until 2018.
Qrty 543 : long live ARM
JR 007 : 1:20 I am pretty sure that these white things are made from Polystyrene not Styrofoam, and if they are soo all the materials are recyclable.
Georgi Georgiev : linus please for the sake of God stop speaking about Apple please bro it was good tech company......WAS......please
Benjamin Cusack : “8 cores... the best multi-threaded performance”. Hmm... Threadripper?




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