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What is inventory? | Types of inventory

In this video, I have discussed " What is inventory? "
Inventory or stock is the term refers to the goods and materials that a business holds for the goal of resale, production or utilisation.
Topics I have discussed in this video are: What is inventory, types of inventory, and what are the Reasons for keeping inventory.

Supply chain management -

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Sri Ram : Perfect
Educationleaves : Thanks!!

Inventory Explained

In the lesson, we look at Inventory. We explain what inventory is, how to identify if an asset is an inventory, methods of determining the cost of inventory, inventory systems, and the disclosure of inventories in the financial statements.

The definition of inventory (What is inventory): 00:00
Classification of inventory: 01:28
Cost of inventories: 03:44
Methods of determining the cost of inventory: 05:03

FIFO (First-In-First-Out) Method - PERPETUAL Example:

First In First Out (FIFO) | PERIODIC Example:

Weighted Average Inventory Costing | PERPETUAL Example:

LIFO Method Accounting - Perpetual:

Inventory with VAT | Journal Entries | Periodic Inventory System:

Inventory with VAT | Journal Entries | Perpetual Inventory System:

Perpetual Inventory System Explained with Journal Entry Example:

Periodic Inventory System Explained with Journal Entry Example:

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Jades : Thank you very much. I love how you explain everything so easily that one can understand it immediately.
Zuziwe Masimula : Thank you so much. This video cleared a lot up that my lecturers didn't really explain.
Chinelle Olivier : Hi! Thank you for uploading these tutorial videos. It helps a lot. Could you perhaps consider linking notes of the tutorial videos in the description, (Like a Google Slides link), so that we can print out the examples to keep for when we are studying? Thank you
SAIDI GAWA : SUZA brings me here, unintentionally
Counttuts : Thank you for the feedback. Our documents are available at a cost upon request.

IAS 2 Inventories - summary
This is just the short executive summary of IAS 2 and does NOT replace the full standard - you can see the full text on IFRS Foundation's website.
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KATENDE FRANK : Never seen an awesome teacher like you
Thank you so much sylvia
baraka lugasi : Thanks for making stndards easy and understandable.
Mohammed Ismail : Beautiful and wonderful work
learn accounting : It was really awesome, I had learned a lot through this video,
hope you can make more IAS video, at least 100 IAS video, I guess it gonna really help us
and help u to grow your channel
I Know : Good evening Silvia! I have a question. Refer to IAS2, should Insurance and property taxes on the manufacturing equipment & factory add to manufacturing overhead cost? Thank you so much for you answer.




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