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이런 운동이?! 인디언들의 스포츠 라크로스

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'스피릿' 메인 예고편 | 'Spirit' Main Trailer

#예고편 #trailer #메인예고편

'스피릿' 메인 예고편 | 'Spirit' Main Trailer

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Roots of Lacrosse by IWCS

The Roots of Lacrosse captures the Iroquois origin and cultural importance of the traditional game of lacrosse, also known as the Medicine Game, the Spirit Game, or the Creator’s Game. This documentary highlights the making and significance of wooden lacrosse sticks and their use traditionally to modern day lacrosse. The film looks historically at the Iroquois, also known as the Haudenosaunee, as well as the deep impact lacrosse has culturally for the indigenous community. This documentary presents the deep nature of the traditional game, showing it’s roots beginning at birth and continuing into the afterlife.

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World Wood Day Foundation: www.worldwoodday.org
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#spirit 라크로스 공


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