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An intranet is a private network which is heavily protected by many different networking devices, such as router, firewall, proxy server, honeynet, IPS and IDS. This diagram is an overly-simplified version of the reality. I try to put these devices together in a reasonable order, only for teaching and learning purpose.

IDS and IPS are two networking security devices. IDS stands for Intrusion-detection system.IPS stands for Intrusion Prevention System. They play different roles and work together to protect a local area network. In this video, you will learn what they are and what are their main functions.

This is my education channel. My topics cover networking, security, cyber threats and defense, and other computer-related materials.

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Dodit Suprianto : sunny you are rock, very well explaination
WILLIAM KERY BUTTI : you explained it very vividly ..sir your videos are far better faculty..thank you soo much
Julie Straight : Many Thanks, Sunny, i thought i had understood before, but didn't. Just very clear !!
Sandeep Bisht : Thank-you for teaching sir, all vedios I'hv watched that's .. could u please teach us about ccnp network securitys..
Viennita : Maravilloso!! muchas gracias por compartir!!
Muhammad Ahmad : Hello sir can you please tell me what is difference between IPS and Firewall?
Ramnath Shenai : loved that conveyor belt anomaly.. simple and to the point! great lecture..
Triều Trịnh : Dear teacher, I am very like video, and information on video.. I so like motion effects on video, so u can send me pptx of presentaion? Thank so much
I'm a big fan of you. I love your teaching and video making. So impressive. Kindly post more network security topics like... Key Exchange algorithms , Digital signature approaches , counter measures , RSA - AES - DES algorithms , types of hackers , karberoes . As a lecturer I follow ur topics only to teach my students . TQ Master
GyK G : This video is amazing!

IDS Round 1 2020 • Top 32 Battles

With our Top 32 battles decided on from this morning's qualifying session, it's time to get the action underway.

Tune in to our Top 32 battle action LIVE from Round 1 here on the IDS Youtube channel or on our Facebook page. It's time to see who will be stand on top of the podium at the first ever Round of the Irish Drift Series.

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From IDS to Ceramic Bonding Procedure

This video describes an indirect ceramic restoration procedure from the Immediate Dentin Sealing (IDS) to the ceramic onlay bonding
Maged Maged : Thanks that was really heplufull
это я : По цвету не попали и по препаровке есть вопросы
Greg G : My main issue is the application of unfilled bonding resin prior to cementation without light curing it first.
Bruno Brito : removeu em excesso o tecido cariado!
Karol Babiński : Nice video! May I ask about your photo setup (light and modifiers)?
dfghgfcnm : Y donde esta la base cavilaría?
Fayez Alanazi : Good job
I have 2 questions
Why you didnt use liner ans base. Its too close to the pulp.
2nd did you use impression to the cavity to fabricate the ceramic, what type of impression material?
赵翰驰 : which composite do you use and preheated it to which temperature?
ArtDental : Excellent work Dr Alxeandre!! Do you mind if we share? (All credits and links back to you and your channel of course!)
Zinnia Zinnia : omg! too much tooth/enamel removal exposes long term problems




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