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PM10 vs. PM2.5: What's PM10 and where does it come from?

Find out all about PM2.5's big brother - PM10 and how it affects our health!

More on PM10 and PM2.5 here:

1. Intro (00:00​​)
2. What is PM10? (00:16​​)
3. Where does PM10 come from? (01​:00​)
4. Measure PM10 (02:06​)
5. Effects on our health (03:06​​)
5. Protect ourselves from PM10 (03:45​​)

Smart Air is a social enterprise dedicated to helping people protect themselves from the harms of air pollution through education and low-cost purifiers.

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salem hamidi : Why cant monitors measure PM 10 or PM 1 or PM 2.5 for that matter. How can you tell how accurate a monitor really is?
Sherif Fahmy : So no need to use Gas mask to protect from PM2.5 and pm10?
I use gas mask but really hurt my face and sometimes can't breathe well
Alex T : I don't think your math is right. 1/50 is to 1/5 ten times smaller. You're comparing 2.5um to 10um which is only a 4:1 ratio. Something is not right.
nahgipyno : I think i have allergies or something else. My nose is blocked all the time. So i want to know my bedroom air quality. I bought a air quality monitor and it is not accurate. Dissapointed. I just use dyson v10 to vacuum. My bedroom is about 450 square feet.
Smart Air : A typical household air quality monitor uses a laser to count and measure the number of particles in the air. This laser can’t measure the exact number of PM10 or PM1 or PM2.5 particles, just the total number of ‘all particles’ in the air. Most air quality monitors then use this number, and a calibrated formula to estimate the PM2.5 concentration from the number.

To learn more about how particle counters and air quality monitors work, check out this article:

MARANTZ PM10 Integrated Amplifier Unboxing and Impressions | It's $8K!

Today we unbox and give our thoughts on the Marantz Reference Series PM-10 Integrated Amplifier.

Value Electronics:

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Equipment used for review:
Sony VPL-VW675Es 4K projector:
Sony 65A1E:
XPAND X105-RF-X1 3D glasses:
Integra DRC-R1:
Oppo UDP-203:
Rotel Amplification
M\u0026K S150's
SVS 20-39's
Shot on Panasonic GH5:
Sigma 16mm :

More Equipment:

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Simple Reef : I just bought the Marantz PM10 a month ago. All I can say is: this unit sounds way better than my $20,000 separate (amp + pre-amp) solution.
I don't want to go into much detail about the brand name of my separate. Needless to say, I am selling my separate right now and keep the PM-10. It is truly good.
The sound signature of the Marantz is pretty much neutral with a tiny bit of warm. Every thing is clear and transparent. The bass is tighter than my separate and the high is a little bit sweeter.

Hope that help the rest of you guys
biggdoggg372 : Another fantastic video Shane! I truly appreciate your work!
Goahead : I love my PM-10! I am keeping this until I kick the bucket.
Mark Nelson : I would love to have this in my 2 channel setup!
Joe Williston : I just bought a used PM-10S1 and it is great but my two big complaints that I notice are on the PM 10 as well are the only one pair of outputs, so If you want to run a subwoofer and a separate amp for a second set of speakers, you would need to get a Y adaptor :( . The volume knob takes so much turning to increase or decrease the volume. It is like 8 turns from 0 to full volume. That is annoying....

Roland PM10 vs PM100

Roland PM 100 sounds a lot better. In this video, it does not sound as good because the sound was too loud for the iPhone microphone so I have the link below with the volume level turned down.
Xavier J : PM 100 video with its volume turned down to get a better audio recording quality.
mouseanalyse : Thx for sharing. Very interesting. Was considering a used PM-10, but I’m going to pass on.
Cristóbal Contreras : Thank you for your video! I'm just trying to find out which is the best option!
nsc217 : Pm-10 sounded awful... I guess the extra headroom is necessary... That means carrying a heavy amp

Update: I ended up getting a Eden EM275. Nice amp
Mark D : From my ears, the pm10 sounded much better!!




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