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Crenova Beamer 5000 Lux Video Projektor im Test | unter 200€ bei amazon | Tolles Bild und hell!!!

Ich habe diesen Beamer bei amazon gekauft, weil ich für eine Familienfeier einen bräuchte.

Für unter 200€ bestellt und getestet - den behalte ich ist mein Fazit.

Für das Geld ist der echt toll, vor allem das Bild ist super.
Sehe keinen Vergleich zu meinem 3 Jahre alten Acer, der mal 900€ gekostet hatte.

CreeYuWan : Danke für den Test und das Hochladen!
Peggy Lin : Black Friday Deal:
Kaufen Sie den XPE660-Beamer mit dem derzeit günstigsten Preis:
Verkaufspreis: 179,99 € Angebotspreis: 143,99 €
Beginne am:
Fri, Nov 22 - Nov 22 12:00 AM - 11:45 PM MET
Jumanji_AA : Moin. Wie sieht es aus mit Ps4 anschliessen und Fifa oder NHL zocken aus ?
Rich Hair : Ich überlege echt welchen Beamer ich bei Amazon kaufen soll.. der hier ist in der engeren Auswahl
me war : Wie ist es Handy Projektion mit WiFi

Motorola Radio Programming - The work I used to do.

Several years ago I programmed Motorola radio systems. I am currently working in a different capacity now doing in-building DAS projects.

Motorola APX XE Remote Speaker Mic for the APX7000 APX7000XE, APX6000, APX6000XE & APX8000XE

Hands-down the BEST remote Speaker Mic ever Designed for Public Safety Professionals; from the Design Team at Motorola. It doesn't get more badass than this.
RadioMaster08 : Great Video!!! - Keep up the Detailed Videos, Thanks.
uhhyaknow : In my opinion, Motorola generally builds great radio equipment and is more in-tune to the fire service than all other mfgs.  The Motorola APX XE models are designed mainly for firefighters - something no other mfg comes close (others may offer some features or a fire RSM, but nothing that compares to the APX XE)  Harris is rumor to be coming out with a 'fire' remote speaker mic that will be similar to this XE model you just demonstrated.  The Harris list price is reported to be $440, about $100 more than the Motorola.  Harris' closest model of radio to the APX is probably the XG75 series, it is about 1k less in price but does not have the "extreme ergonomics" which are much better for firefighters, and doesn't even have a simple audible channel name announcement (which Motorola has had on the XTS for years). You are correct, spending 1k more per radio is usually difficult without grant money but it should enhance firefighter safety. [link for Harris' new fire rsm: http://pspc.harris.com/media/BR1412_fire_micro_5x7_web_tcm42-25629.pdf ]
Gabriel S : Wow, that is nice. Still wish I could have scored an APX, but it probably would have broken the bank. By the way Dan, my Xts is still serving me well. Excellent buy!
Brian O'Dell : Push and hold the button under the LED and it becomes a super bright white LED flash light too.
Rail : Does this mic work with the XPR7550 ?




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